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Chilean artist (b.1990) focused in general on sustainability and promoting Latin American art and culture abroad. She graduated in 2020 from the MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London. Previously, she graduated in July 2018 with a MA Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Tere Chad has had seven solo exhibitions, has done three residencies and participated in more than 40 collective exhibitions in four different continents. Part of her series ‘Calling Back’ has been recently acquired by Nelimarkka-Foundation, Finland. Some of her recent shows include: ‘Neo Norte 3.0’, Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki (2021); ‘Phantom_step’, Projectraum Kurt-Kurt, Berlin (2021); ‘Last Sunset / New Sunrise’, Alter Us Exhibition, St. John on Bethnal Green Church, London (2021); ‘Reconnecting’, Sustainability First Exhibition, Bermondsey Project Space, London (2021); ‘Space Lapse: 2020’, display of ‘Are We Sinking?’ at the terrace of the Royal Society of Sculptors, London (2021); ‘Primeiras Vezes’, Na Esquina, Lisbon (2020). In 2020 she was granted the Global Talent Visa, Exceptional Promise to continue developing her practice in the United Kingdom. Her upcoming projects include ‘Abrazo Entramado’, a participatory textile installation to be placed in the public space in collaboration with Cordelia Rizzo and Cultural Centre LABNL Lab Cultural Ciudadano, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.



Human inconsistencies have always intrigued me. Nonetheless, I find it fascinating how man is the only being capable of studying his inconsistencies. My multidisciplinary practice is inspired by our everchanging reality. I go through life as a flâneur trying to understand human behaviour and which paradigms rule our society. I tend to expose and contrast past civilisation with current phenomena in a theatrical way. I often feel that we’re always acting in the same play, as fashion and technology might change but human nature will remain the same. Storytelling becomes an essential part of how I construct different narratives where the language could be defined as naïve, dynamic and ironic. I attempt to manifest how technology is presented as a double-edged sword, where on the one hand it offers much ease and convenience, but on the other, departs us from our natural instincts. In this spectacular society driven by media sensationalism, we live in an ephemeral disconnected state where we have difficulties to distinguish reality from virtual reality or fake news. Therefore, I strongly believe it is fundamental to reassess haptic sensitivity and our capacity to connect through our tactility.  My artworks are very tactile and sometimes involve other artists’ or the viewer’s collaboration, as I envisage that the only path to face the Anthropocene challenges is by grounding ourselves back to Earth.


10 prints from the ‘Calling Back’ series were acquired by Nelimarkka-Foundation, Finland, 2021 (Printmaking)

Shortlisted, ‘Sustainability First Art Prize’, London, UK, 2020 (Outdoor Sculpture)

New Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, 2021 (Sculpture)

Winner of ‘Tagsmart Open Call’, London, UK, 2018 (Painting)

Granted ‘Global Talent Visa’, Exceptional Promise to continue developing practice in the United Kingdom, 2020 (artistic practice)

Award nomination ‘Clifford Chance Purchase Prize’, London, UK, 2018 (printmaking)