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Chilean artist (b.1990) and creative inventor based in London. Focused in general on sustainability and promoting Latin American art & culture abroad. She is co-founder of the ‘Latinos Creative Society’ at the University of the Arts London and founder of ‘Alter Us’, an emergent multidisciplinary collective that attempts to find solutions to face the challenges of the Anthropocene. Graduated in July 2018 with a MA Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. She is currently graduating from the MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London. Tere Chad has had six solo exhibitions, participated in more than 20 collective shows and has done three residencies in four different continents. She has recently been shortlisted for the Sustainability First Art Prize. In 2019 she had three publications.

Tere Chad, Tere Chadwick, María Teresa Chadwick, María Teresa Chadwick Irarrázaval


Human inconsistencies have always intrigued me. Nonetheless, I find it fascinating how man is the only being capable of studying his inconsistencies. My multidisciplinary practice is inspired by our everchanging reality. I go through life as a flâneur trying to understand human behaviour and which paradigms rule our society. I tend to expose and contrast past civilisation with current phenomena in a theatrical way. I often feel that we’re always acting in the same play, as fashion and technology might change but human nature will remain the same. Storytelling becomes an essential part of how I construct different narratives where the language could be defined as naïve, dynamic and ironic. I attempt to manifest how technology is presented as a double-edged sword where on the one hand it offers many facilities, but on the other, departs us from our natural instincts. In this spectacular society driven by media sensationalism, we live in an ephemeral disconnected state where we have difficulties to distinguish reality from virtual reality or fake news. Therefore, I strongly believe it is fundamental to reassess haptic sensitivity and our capacity to connect through our tactility.  My artworks are very tactile and sometimes involve other artists’ or the viewer’s collaboration, as I envisage that the only path to face the Anthropocene challenges is by grounding ourselves back to Earth.


Shortlisted, Sustainability First Art Prize, London, UK (Sculpture)

Winner of Tagsmart Open Call,

London, UK, 2018 (Painting)

2º Place Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Pinta tu mundo 2008, Santiago, Chile, 2008 (Painting)



Nov 2018 - Currently working: Founder Alter Us Multidisciplinary Collective, London

Oct 2017 - July 2018: Co-Founder Latinos Creative Society, University of the Arts London 


Jan - Feb 2019: ‘The Society of the Spectacle', Paladar Restaurant, London, UK (painting, etching, sculpture)

Aug - Sept 2018: ‘The Automation Vs. The Human’, Sala Cable al Arte, Fundación Colunga, Santiago, Chile (etching and installation)

Aug - Sept 2017: ‘The Fragility of Culture in a Disposable World’, Room 700 & Drawing Room, Leeds Central Library, UK (painting, kinetic sculpture, installation, video, and research inspired by the circus)

April - May 2017: ‘Fusion - Haka Piri’, The Embassy of Chile, London, UK (handcrafted jewellery collection based on archaeological culture of Easter Island)

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017: ‘Fusion - Haka Piri’, Museum of Decorative Arts (Museo de Artes Decorativas), Santiago, Chile

April 2016: ‘Fusion - Haka Piri’, Aukara Gallery, Hanga Roa, Easter Island



July - Aug 2019: ‘Marble Carving at Ussama Alnassar’s Workshop’, Carrara, Italy (marble sculpture)

June & Oct 2018: 'The ReEnlightenment', Joya: Arte + Ecología AiR, Vélez Blanco, Andalucía, Spain (outdoor sculpture)

Aug - Sept 2017: 'The Fragility of Culture in a Disposable World', Leeds Central Library, UK (research and exhibition)​


March 2020: '(Eco)Logical Sense', Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London, UK (curation and sound piece)

Sept - Nov 2019: ‘Neo Norte 2.0’ (New North), Exposed Arts Projects, Kensington / Window 3, Central Saint Martins, King Cross / Five Years, Archway / Latin American House, London, UK (curation, installation, talk and publication)

June - Sept 2019: ‘Alter Us Manifesto Declaration’, The Old Baths, Hackney Wick, London, UK (curation, performance, installation)

May - June 2019: ‘Collectives at Camberwell’, Student Led Gallery, Camberwell College of Art, London, UK (curation, painting)

March 2019: ‘Symbiotica’, Goldsmiths Fashion Society, Pimlico Space, (jewellery)

Feb 2019: ‘A World in Vertigo’, Brunel Museum, London, UK (installation)

Nov - Dec 2018: ‘Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2018: A Survey Exhibition’, Clifford Chance, London, UK (etching)

Aug - Sept 2018: ‘Neo Norte’ (New North), Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Santiago, Chile (curation, installations, drawings, video)

June 2018: ‘Latin American Myth Deconstruction’, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK (curation, kinetic sculpture)
May 2018: ‘The Art of Making Sense', Triangle Space, London, UK (work in progress)
May 2018: ‘Fields’, Degree Show Central Saint Martins, London, UK (kinetic sculpture, etching, video, analogue photography)
May 2018: ‘Latinos Creative Society Manifesto’ in ‘Being Together Is Not Enough’, Five Years, London, UK (performance)

April - May 2018: ‘What can we Make and Become’, Exposed Arts Projects, London, UK (painting, sculpture, video, installation)
March 2018: 'Contemporary Art Medals', The Bams Student Medal Project XXV, UK (bronze medal)

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018: ‘Printout’, Lubomirov – Angus – Hughes Gallery, London, UK (etching)

Nov 2017: ‘Cryptic 2017: Art and Science’, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK (sculpture, painting, video)

Nov 2017: ‘Central Saint Martins Auction’, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK (etching)

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018: ‘Visual Poetry’, Sichuan University Art Museum / Aug 2017: Black Stone Gallery, Chengdu, China (etchings)

June 2017: 'The Museum of Extraordinary Objects', Royal Society, London, UK (object – ready made)

March 2017: 'Interim Show CSM', The Laundry, London, UK (drawings)
Feb 2017: 'Show Room 7' Runway, Cannon Street Jersey Fabrics, London, UK (jewellery)
Jan 2017: 'This is an Art School', ‘Fusion - Haka Piri’, Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, with Central Saint Martins, London, UK (jewellery)

Nov 2016: 'Practices of Enquiry', Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK (ready made)

May 2019: ‘Makers’ Fair’, DIY Space for London, London, UK (jewellery)

May 2018: ‘Autor’, ‘Fusion – Haka Piri’, National Theatre of Bucharest, Romania (jewellery)
April 2018: ‘Espai Joia’, with Artislands collective, ‘Fusion – Haka Piri’, Covent dels Àngels, Museum of Contemporary Arts Barcelona (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain (jewellery)

Nov 2017: ‘ExpoMiner’, ‘Fusion – Haka Piri’, Fira Barcelona, Recinte Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain (jewellery)
May 2016 - May 2017: 'Labels that Matter', Entrepreneurship collaboration with 'Fusion - Haka Piri', Fairs: Boston GreenFest, Sowa Boston, Union Square Main Streets, Massachusetts, USA (jewellery)



October 2019: ‘Latinos Creative Society Manifesto’, Being Together is not Enough, Five Years: Archway, London

September 2019: ‘Touch Screen Haptic Disconnection’, JAWS: Journal Writing by Students, Intellect: London, Volume 5, Number 2, pp. 184 – 198

July 2019: ‘The importance of learning ancient lost wax techniques in the digital era’, Ceroplastics: The Art of Wax Modelling, Edited by Roberta Ballestriero, Owen Burke, Francesco María Galassi, L’Erma di Bretschneider: London, pp.161 - 174




May 2020: ‘Sustainability in Critical Times’, Speakers: Gonzalo Herrero Delicado (Royal Academy of Arts Architecture Curator), Lina Lapelytė (Artist & Musician who collaborated in ‘Sun & Sea (Marina)’ at Venice Art Biennale 2019 receiving Golden Lion Award) and Adrian Griffiths (Recycling Technologies CEO & Founder), Mediator: Parizad Nobakht (BBC Persian TV), broadcasted through Zoom (talk organisation in behalf of Sustain Lab Society – Royal College of Art)

Nov 2019: 'Not VR but Real', KIN Symposium, Green Lab, London, UK (practice talk)

Nov 2019: 'Not VR but Real', PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association) 117th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, USA (practice talk)

March 2019: 'Collapse: Twilight at Easter Island' - Jared Diamond, Symposium Book Club with Alter Us, Art and Critique, LARC, London, UK (Book club)

Aug 2018: ‘Why do we always look up North?’, Panel Discussion, Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Santiago, Chile (Latin American identity debate)

Feb 2018: ‘What does it mean to be a contemporary creative Latino in London?’, Panel Discussion, Latin American House, London, UK (practice talk)

Sept 2017: ‘Recovering haptic sensitiveness through wax’: 'Ceroplastics', International Congress on Wax Modelling, Gordon Museum, London, UK (technique talk)

Sept 2017: ‘The Fragility of Culture in a Disposable World’: 'Creative Unions: Free Movement of Culture' Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK (exhibition talk)

May 2017: ‘Fusion – Haka Piri’, The Embassy of Chile, London, UK / Dec 2016: Museum of Decorative Arts (Museo de Artes Decorativas), Santiago, Chile / April 2016: Aukara Gallery, Hanga Roa, Easter Island (exhibition talk & guided visit)


Aug 2018: ‘Neo Norte’, Collage Map of Latin America’s New North, Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Santiago, Chile (collage)

Aug 2018: ‘The Automation Vs. The Human’, Ethnographic Research in Advertisement, with students of Universidad del Desarrollo, Fundación Colunga, Santiago, Chile (ethnographic research)

Jan 2018: ‘Studio Complex’, ‘Digital – Physical Flow Studio’, Wax Modelling, Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, with Central Saint Martins, London, UK (wax modelling)

Sept 2017: ‘The Fragility of Culture in a Disposable World’, Papier-Mâché Workshop & Guided Visit, Room 700 & Drawing Room Central Library, Leeds, UK (papier-mâché)

Jan 2017: 'Fusion - Haka Piri', Origami Packaging Workshop: 'This is an Art School', Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, with Central Saint Martins, London, UK / Dec 2016: Decorative Arts Museum (Museo de Artes Decorativas), Santiago, Chile (sustainable packaging, origami)


Aug 2013 - July 2016: Teaching Assistant, Advertising - Filmmaking - Journalism, Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile

2009: Volunteer Art Teaching with NGO Crea +, Santiago, Chile



Sept 2018 - July 2020: Masters, Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK

Sept 2016 - June 2018: Masters, Arts and Science, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK

March 2010 – Jan 2014: Bachelor, Advertising, Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile
Informal workshops in: silversmithing, drawing, painting, literature, sewing, transverse flute, dancing, among others


Performance - Fashion - Sports - Geology - Nature - Adventure - Poetry - Anthropology - Aesthetics



Spanish (native speaker) - English (advanced) - Italian (intermediate) – German (beginner)