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Zurciendo Vacíos or ‘Mending Voids’, is a performative textile sculpture made with Nuevo Leon’s (Mexico) community through an upcycling marathon. Mending Voids emerged after the success of Abrazo Entramado 1.0 and the experiences embroidering in the public space and mending ‘Abrazo Entramado’ to transport it from LABNL to Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima. Tere Chad & Cordelia Rizzo developed a collaboration that invited to mend and darn the voids that remain in the social fabric when violence is normalised. The aesthetics of upcycling represents a fragmented social fabric. Zurciendo Vacíos not only needs a community to gather and collaborate to create it, but also a coordination of the performers inorder to be able to wear the prototype. The project was materialised through a performance and experimental catwalk amongst other events.   

Mending Voids was developed during a residency at LABNL (Lab Cultural Ciudadano), Monterrey, in collaboration with Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, San Pedro Garza García, and Centro Roberto Garza Sada de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño - Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico (2023). 

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experimental Catwalk

Pasarela "Zurciendo vacíos" 


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