The Re-Enlightment

The Re-Enlightenment is not only an aesthetic sculptural proposal, in opposition to conceptual individualistic arts, requires collaboration and the involvement of a community on its construction process. Is a monument that makes a recycling statement and invites to rethink if the rational ideas of the Enlightenment really brought us the wealth we wanted.


It attempts to give the new light for our society, even seeming alive as the bottles make a nice eco when the wind blows. It is a piece that speaks about the urge of not forgetting our ability of sensing the world through our hands, and not forgetting that our planet is alive. It has the shape of a shell bio-mimicking the hermit crab’s recyclable houses. Hermit crabs use shells as houses and as they grow, they change to a bigger shell and leave their previous house for a younger hermit crab. It was inspired by Michael Reynold’s carbon neutral earthships. It was firstly constructed in a residency in Spain: Joya Air and Tere Chad is currently evaluating new places to construct it.


° W O R K    I N    P R O G R E S S °

° E X P E R I M E N T    W I T H    B O T T L E S °

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 15.06.33.png

The Re-Enlightenment has been included in the virtual book ‘Building Fom The Corona Crisis Toward A Sustainable Future’ published by Sustainability First (p. 24).


​​Due to the nomination to the ‘Sustainability First Art Prize’ Tere Chad was invited to exhibit her work at the ‘Reconnecting’ exhibition in the Bermondsey Project Space (2021).

How could we transform waste into something beautiful and useful? How could waste bring communities together?


Tere Chad’s recycled bottles propeller wind instrument proposes speculative scenarios where we re-think our relation with waste. This piece was presented in the Brunel Museum (2019). Isamabard Kingdom Brunel invented the first propeller-driven. Iron ship, thus it was the most appropriated venue to test this piece.


Read more about Tere Chad’s experience in Joya Air Residency in Andalucía, Spain (2018).